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ECBA Exam Passing Score

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The Entry certificate in Business Analysis ECBA certification is the first level of certification by IIBA. The ECBA certification recognizes individuals entering the field of business analysis. ECBA™ recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge and behaviors as practicing business analysis professionals.

IIBA Prep Webinar ImageECBA is the recommended certification path for new graduates, aspiring and new Business analysts to establish themselves in the business analysis career. This not only gives one a rock-solid foundation for getting into the BA profession also helps with a global certification. ECBA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry-level Business analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modeling and requirements life cycle management with a good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools.

One of the common questions that all ECBA aspirants ask,

“What is the ECBA exam passing score?”

Since IIBA does not disclose this information, we don’t have a confirmed answer to this question. As per IIBA, the Level 1 certificate will provide a new foundation to a career in business analysis targeting professionals, students and recent graduates entering the Business Analysis profession with limited to no Business Analysis work experience.  The Level 1 exam will test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the components below within the BABOK Guide v3, specifically:

Business Analysis Knowledge
Business Analysis & the BA Professional 2.5%
Underlying Competencies 5%
Business Analysis Key Concepts 5%
Techniques 12.5%
BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas
Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring 5% 
Elicitation & Collaboration 20%
Requirements Life Cycle Management 20%
Strategy Analysis 5% 
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 24%
Solution Evaluation 1%


ECBA is, based on the BABoK v3 scheme of competency-based certification.

One needs to pass individually in all the knowledge areas as given above and have to also score the overall minimum to pass. From our experience from the past ECBA participants and their experience, we know that it is safe to assume that the ECBA exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence its suggested to target for 80 – 90% in the ECBA mock tests to be successful in the ECBA final exam. Again there is no official data by IIBA to support this.

This is based on our best estimate of the information on the ECBA exam.

Tips on how to clear ECBA exam on the first attempt


Schedule your ECBA Exam using this link - https://www.iiba.org/Certification/cert/examdayinfo.aspx/

More on ECBA -https://www.adaptiveus.com/ecba-certification-training 

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