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    SimpleSim Help

    Written by:             Published on: Sep 9, 2022 3:58:20 AM

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    About SimpleSim

    What is SimpleSim ?

    If you are a training provider who imparts training to students and prepares them to ultimately sit for certification exams or any other exams for that matter, SimpleSim is for you! SimpleSim can help you boost your training sales by having exam prep simulations which will enable your students to get a feel of the real exam and evaluate their exam readiness. Set up exam prep simulations for your students in just less than 5 minutes, right out of your Thinkific platform and increase your product value manifold with SimpleSim!

    SimpleSim closely resembles the PSI Online Assessment system which hosts 1000s of talent assessments and certification exams on behalf of certification bodies and provides the right simulation environment for your students to practice and prepare themselves for the D-day.

    How does SimpleSim Work?

    SimpleSim can help your course instructors or course creator to create full length exam simulations right out of Thinkific by means of a seamless integration. The course creator can add any number of simulations for a particular course in Thinkific based on the plan that the training organization has subscribed to. Course creators can import questions via excel import, provide explanation for correct answers, attach images to questions, update simulation etc.

    Once the simulations are set up for a particular course, students can attempt the simulations in SimpleSim from their Thinkific account by means of a seamless integration with SimpleSim. Students can attempt the time-based simulation, skip questions, directly jump to the question they would like to attempt, submit the simulation and see the results, reattempt it based on the limit set by the training provider, review the answers that they provide vs. the correct answer, get performance reports and more.


    How will SimpleSim Affect my Thinkific Site?

    Certain information such as Institute name (Training Provider), courses listed under them, student email ID will have to be passed on to SimpleSim. As of now, there is no information passed on from SimpleSim to Thinkific, therefore the Thinkific site will not be affected in any other way.

    Course Creator

    How to Install SimpleSim

    Visit the Thinkific app store and search for the SimpleSim App


    Select SimpleSim App and proceed with installation by clicking on the Install button. Click on the Accept and Install button and proceed with the installation.


    After the installation, the following plans page will appear


    Choose a suitable plan and proceed accordingly. The number of simulations one can create in the SimpleSim account will be as per the plan. The course creator will now see all the courses that are present in the Thinkific portal and can proceed with simulation creation. The SimpleSim App will appear  the Thinkific Apps Section upon installation.

    How to Run SimpleSim

    Upon successful installation, the course creator will be automatically taken to the SimpleSim account.

    However, if the course creator wishes to log into SimpleSim at a later point, (s)he can do so by going to SimpleSim and providing the Thinkific subdomain/School name and clicking “Go”.

    This will take the course creator to the Thinkific login Page. Login to Thinkific Admin Account. Upon providing the Thinkific login credentials, the course creator will be taken to SimpleSim App.


    What does the Course creator landing page in SimpleSim look like?



    How to create a simulation for a particular course?

    All the courses listed in Thinkific will appear in the Course creator’s (Admin) profile. Select the course for which the simulations need to be added. Select a course – Success Guaranteed ECBA Training Course here – and click on Simulations. Click on New Simulation


    Provide the following details:

    • Name – Name of the simulation
    • Duration – Duration of the simulation in minutes
    • Pass Percentage – The percentage required to pass the exam

    Download the question import template.

    Follow the instructions on the first sheet of the question import template and fill
    the second sheet accordingly. Import questions ONLY in .XLSX format.

    This is how the Question Import Template will look like


    Follow the instructions in the Instructions Sheet. Click on the QUESTIONS sheet and fill it in according to the instructions. The star marked columns can’t be empty.

    After adding questions and options, save the file and click on choose file to import questions. After importing the file, click on Save Changes. After importing the file, click on Save Changes. Any errors in the import will be shown and the admin needs to rectify the errors, if any and reimport the questions excel sheet once again after rectification.

    If there are no errors, the Save Changes button will be enabled for Saving. Else, the button will not be enabled unless the errors are rectified. Upon successful import of questions, the page looks like this. A message will be displayed on top that the data was saved successfully. We can also add images to questions here, modify questions and options, and add/delete questions on this page.

    If there are no modifications, click on the Close button. If there are any modifications and/or additions, do the necessary changes and click on Save Changes.

    A sample image has been added to the first question for demonstration purposes by going to the question to which image needs to be added. Click on Choose File. Browse and select the image to be uploaded.
    Click on Save Changes


    How to add questions manually

    Scroll down to the bottom of the “Update Simulation” page (shown in the previous image) and click on Add Question. A Blank question with options will be created. Provide the question, options, append image if any, etc. Click on Save Changes. 

    With this, the simulation setup is complete.
    We can find the simulation – Simulation Test – 1, in the course – Success Guaranteed ECBA Training.


    How to edit questions in a particular simulation at a later point in time

    Select the simulation which needs to be edited for a particular course. Click on View Details. Click on the Edit button. Now we can edit the questions here – add images, modify option text etc. Do the necessary changes and click on Save Changes.

    How to integrate SimpleSim with Thinkific/How can students access SimpleSim?

    As an Admin, after you create the simulations in SimpleSim, please add a text lesson in your course called “Simulations” or any name you prefer and hyperlink the text to<name of your subdomain>. 

    In case you are unaware of your subdomain name, you can find the details on how to find it here - What is my Thinkific subdomain? – Thinkific

    For eg: if the Thinkific subdomain name is "publication", the link will be


    Your students will be able to see this lesson in their course and click on the link to access the simulations assigned to the course.

    Once you log in as a student, you'll be able to see this view:


    This will take you to the SimpleSim student view and you'll see the list of courses assigned to this student (which contains a SimpleSim test/simulation). Click the
    course for which you want to attempt the simulation and you'll be able to see it.


    How to Uninstall SimpleSim

    Course creators can delete the SimpleSim App by going to the Apps section in the Thinkific account and clicking on Uninstall.


    How to Use SimpleSim

    Sign in to your Thinkific account. Enter details and click Sign in.  The simulations section in your course will take you to<schoolname>. From the student landing page, select the course for which you wish to attempt the simulation. Here, we select Success Guaranteed ECBA Training and click on Simulations. Then, click on Take Exam for the required simulation. Here, we click on Simulation Test – 1. Read the instructions. Then click on Start. The simulation has now begun.

    How to navigate from one question to another/jump to any specific question


    After attempting a question, we can click on the Next button to go to the immediate next question. Alternatively, we can also click on the “>” button. In order to go to the immediate Previous question, we can click on the Previous button. Alternatively, we can also click on the “<” button.

    To see the next set of 10 questions, click on the “>>” button. We can click on “View All Questions” to see all the questions in the simulation at once. If you wish to jump to any particular question, you can do so.

    Click on Hide to see only the first 10 questions. We can Flag a question for review by clicking the Flag button. On doing so, a flag like below appears on top of the question number below

    What will happen if my internet gets disrupted or the system crashes?

    After every 5 clicks, the progress gets saved automatically. In the event of any mishaps, you can click on the resume button and proceed from the point where the data got saved.


    How to end the simulation and view the results

    The simulation will automatically end when the time is up. However, if you wish to end the Simulation before the allotted time is up, you do so by clicking on End Test. A warning will appear that you are trying to end the test. Click on OK in the dialog box to end the test. When the simulation ends and we can see the result.

    How to review the simulation results

    You can either review the simulation or do so at a later point by clicking close. Click on the review button if you wish to review right away. You can see details of your performance, see which answers you got right, which went wrong, and also view the correct answer explanation for each question.


    The navigation is the same as that of taking the simulation. Once you are done reviewing, you can click on close and return to the simulations page.

    If you wish to review the simulation at a later point in time, you can select the simulation which you wish to review. Click on Review/Take Exam. Here we select Simulation Test – 1.  Then click on Review. Now we can review the test.

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