SUCCESS : Adaptive's Proprietary Methodology for Guaranteed Success

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8/16/23 2:36 AM

Adaptive SUCCESS


We are extremely delighted to launch SUCCESS: Our proprietary success-guaranteed training methodology.


We have utilized this methodology for more than 6 years now, and more than 1600 business analysts around the globe have found success with this methodology. So let me explain the methodology in detail so you can understand it and take yourself through a successful journey using a structured approach.


SUCCESS is a 7-step approach that stands for:


  1. Scrutinize
  2. Understand
  3. Coach
  4. Constant care
  5. Exam support
  6. Shine and
  7. Up-skill


Step #1 Scrutinize

We first scrutinize your work experience and interest before accepting anyone to the training cohort. Many institutes will accept anyone as a student as long as the student is willing to pay the training fees. With us, it's not the case. If you do not qualify, we will sacrifice our revenue goal and suggest you a lower certification level.


Step #2 Understand

We understand your learning pace and style and suggest the appropriate course according to the same. If you have access to experts in your organization and you love to learn on your own, we may suggest products such as our self-learning product or guided learning product which come at a much lower price point. But if you, as a learner, love to learn with a faculty-led session, we recommend you to look at our master classes. If you need an extended period of support, we recommend our ultimate suite of products.


Step #3 Coaching by Experts

The expert coaching process is the third element of SUCCESS we take care of extensively with you. We employ the best trainers one can get in the world as coaches and mentors.


Most of our trainers have worked in the standard development processes in the exam writing processes. All of them have more than 20 years of business analysis experience, and they all are qualified by IIBA to teach the courses. Our training faculty details are available on the website, and we ensure that people whose names are mentioned on the website are the only people who will teach you.


We also have created significant study aids, which are the best in class in the business analysis certifications. Our study guides are concise versions of the standards, enabling you to study the content much faster and making it much easier for you to understand and absorb.


We also have developed extensive question banks, which come at multiple levels of complexity. We start with the lowest complexity level so that you get the concepts right, and then we move up the question's complexity as we move through the program.


Along with study guides and question banks, we also have developed significant video learning modules, audiobooks, flashcards, preparation plans, and mind maps to make the learning process lot easier for you.


Step #4 Constant Care

We hold fortnightly live sessions where you can come and ask any of your questions and doubts. It also helps you to stay motivated and complete the course in record time. Most of our students complete the course about 6 months prior than what they would do with other providers. Our Customer Success Team is only one email away.


Step #5 Exam Enablement

We also have developed SimpleSim, a system for IIBA simulations that mimics the actual examination system. We provide 4 to 6 simulations making you fully ready for the final examination.


We also provide exam bundles where Adaptive will pay your membership fee, application fee, and exam fee without any botheration from your side.


Step #6 Shine

Our live training sessions come with 2 free exam retakes, subject to meeting the success guarantee terms. This ensures you come out successful even if something doesn't go well on your first attempt.


Step #7 Up-Skill

Your journey with Adaptive does not stop with you being certified. We help you shine at your workplace by accessing multiple business analysis tools such as Jira, Balsamiq, MS Visio, BizAgi BPM, and Scopemaster and live training sessions on these tools.


We also have extensive BA toolkits that professionals can use while performing their work.


We also publish articles written by you on our website, thus enhancing your brand.

We are constantly working on newer developments in the business analysis world and creating webinars and courses on them. We are working on launching a course on Generative AI for Business Analysts, which is a cutting-edge course for business analysts.

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