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What is CPOA Certification?

The Product Ownership Analysis certification (CPOA) programme recognizes the combination of Business Analysis and Product Ownership, as well as an Agile mentality, in order to maximize value. The program gives students the opportunity to learn key concepts for creating successful products. Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a discipline that has been investigated and analyzed and has a set of methods, processes, and procedures for achieving effective results. POA entails the application of specific procedures as well as the development of important competencies, and it gives the framework, tools, techniques, approaches, and basic Agile values to Product Owners, Proxy Product Owners, and team members.

Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a discipline that consists of a set of techniques, processes, and procedures that help teams build and deliver excellent goods and services for their customers and stakeholders, using tried-and-true practises from a variety of disciplines.

Target Audience

CPOATM examination targets the following audience:

  • Work as Business Analysis Professionals
  • Support Product Owners in their work
  • Execute Product Ownership related work
  • Those considering a Product Owner career path
  • Work as Product owners


  • Becoming a product owner requires a thorough understanding of the product as well as analytical and strategic skills.
  • The person who wants to deep dive and become a good product owner needs to understand the market and the stakeholders.
  • He/she should be able to create a vision and know when to juggle with the items in the product backlog so that the bucket is always prioritized.

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CPOA Certification Benefits

  • CPOA certificate programme gives professionals the opportunity to learn key principles that will help them manage the hurdles of designing successful products.
  • By acquiring core POA abilities, this certificate assists professionals who work as product owners, support product owners in their job, execute product ownership related activities, or are considering product ownership as a career route to reach their goals.
  • CPOA Certificate holders will obtain tactical skills to improve product development processes armed with knowledge of important tools and methodologies such as product roadmaps, value stream mapping, user storey mapping, minimum viable product, and storey decomposition.


  • Integrating product ownership and business analysis 
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in product management 
  • Applying Agile and product ownership analysis 

CPOA Certification Exam Pattern

The IIBA®- CPOA exam includes questions pertaining to the domains as discussed in the Guide to Product Ownership Analysis.

Type: 60 multiple choices, knowledge-based questions

Duration: 90 minutes

Knowledge Areas:

Apply Foundational Concepts 10%

Cultivate Customer Intimacy 15%

Engage the Whole Team 15%

Make an Impact 15%

Deliver Often 15%

Learn Fast 15%

Obsess About Value 15%

Steps to prepare for CBAP Exam

Once you are ready to take the exam, choose a day when you are relaxed. Set up the exam date preferably after a weekend or, if not, then on Sunday. Don't go for the exam immediately after a workweek; that doesn't let your brain relax. One needs to stay cool and have a good rest before the exam since the exam is quite exhaustive.

You can take the CPOA certification exam from home with PSI Online Exams. It is conducted LIVE and in a monitored environment. You just need to have a webcam, microphone, and stable internet connectivity on your PC/Laptop.

You can do a compatibility check before the exam-

All IIBA exams are offered as online remote proctored exams that requires a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and microphone.

Your location must support Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in order to complete the exam. Corporate firewalls and VPNs may restrict user access. It is recommended that you use a personal device.


Things to remember before appearing for CPOA Certification Examination

The 'Must Do's for the CPOA Certification Exam

  1. You should have a noise and distraction-free environment.
  2. The desk/table you will use during the exam should be clutter-free and without any papers, books, devices, etc.
  3. Make sure that nobody comes into the room during the exam.
  4. Make sure you have uninterrupted power and the internet.

The Don'ts of the CPOA Certification Exam

  • Do not attempt until you have a strong foundational knowledge of business analysis as per the Guide to Product Ownership Analysis.
  • Do not expect the exam to be easy
  • Do not expect to have the luxury of time
  • Food, beverages (i.e., water, including chewing gums), attending phone calls, or scheduled breaks during the exam are not permitted.
  • Do not read questions with lips or whisper loudly

IIBA guidelines to prepare you for your exam day-

At the end of all this, the most important point is to stay focused throughout the journey. No amount of study will be enough if you don't set a deadline and work backward.

Keep a target for yourself and work towards it, make some progress every day. Keep some time marked for prep every day and make use of the weekends more effectively.

Hopefully, the details and tips given in this article help you in CPOA Certification exam preparation and achieve your goal of getting CPOA certified in the first attempt.

CPOA Certification Validity

IIBA offers digital badges to certified members as a way to share and validate their business analysis certification achievements. A digital badge is a digital representation of a physical badge and it enjoys all the benefits of being digital, such as being sharable, verifiable, trackable, and having embedded metadata.

Certificate is,

Always Accessible
Never worry about losing your certificate - ever. Your credential will always be present at its web address.

Easily Shareable
You want to share your achievement. Digital credentials let you showcase your achievement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one click.

Learning, Verified.
Your achievements can be verified at any time. Your certifications on LinkedIn can be linked to your live credential so anyone, anywhere can see what you have achieved.

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