ECBA Exam Pattern

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ECBA Exam Pattern

For freshers or professionals wanting to enter the domain of business analysis, the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) is a great place to start. It is the level one in the business analysis certification framework from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

ECBA covers the foundation of how to approach business analysis according to the BABOK® Guide. It is aimed at individuals entering the BA profession. ECBA not only gives a rock-solid foundation for getting into the BA profession also helps with a global certification.

ECBA exam focuses on-

The exam blueprint of ECBA is aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.

Business Analysis Knowledge

Knowledge Area- ECBA

IIBA ECBA Exam Pattern:

  • 1-hour remote online proctored exam.
  • 50 multiple choice 
  • In order to clear the ECBA certification exam, IIBA checks for success in each knowledge area and overall.
  • It is competency-based and aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.

IIBA ECBA Exam location/ Mode

You can take the ECBA certification exam from home with PSI Online Exams. It is conducted LIVE and monitored environment. You just need to have a web cam, microphone and stable internet connectivity in your PC/Laptop.

You can do a compatibility check before the exam-

The link to register for your exam is –

The ‘Must Do’s’ for the ECBA Certification Exam

  • You should have a noise and distraction-free environment.
  • The desk/table which you will use during the exam should be clutter free and without any papers, books, devices, etc
  • Make sure that nobody comes into the room during the exam
  • Make sure you have uninterrupted power and internet

You can find more instructions and information on this link –

The ‘Do Not’s’ of the ECBA Certification Exam

  • Do not attempt until you have a strong foundational knowledge of business analysis as per the BABOK® Guide.
  • Do not expect the exam to be easy
  • Do not expect to have the luxury of time
  • Food, beverages (i.e. water, including chewing gums), attending phone calls or scheduled breaks during the exam is not permitted.
  • Do not read questions with lips, or whisper or loudly

IIBA guidelines to prepare you for your exam day-

ECBA Exam Prep Tips-

Top Tips for ECBA Certification from 140+ ECBAs




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ECBA Program Schedules

ECBA Program Schedules

Workshop Name  Mode of Session Timings Dates
ECBA Prep Workshop - US Weekday - ( Fri - Thu ) Instructor led - Online 9.00 to 13.00 ET Aug 8 to Aug 30
ECBA Prep Workshop - US Weekday OKC - ( Mon - Tue ) Instructor led - Online 2.00 to 6.30 ET Aug 5 to Aug 27
ECBA Prep Workshop - US Weekend - ( Sat - Sun ) Instructor led - Online 9.00 to 13.00 ET Aug 10 to Sep 1
ECBA Prep Workshop - US Weekend - ( Sat - Sun ) Instructor led - Online 9.00 to 13.00 ET Sep 14 to Oct 6
ECBA Prep Workshop - US Weekend - ( Sat - Sun ) Instructor led - Online 9.00 to 13.00 ET Oct 5 to Oct 27

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